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Welcome to red_crown, a general community for the NDS game "Hotel Dusk: Room 215". Have a seat at the bar, and Louie will be right back with your drink!

The Rules

-First and foremost, this is a community. Flaming of other members or their works is not tolerated and will get you banned. Please treat your fellow members with respect.

-All posts must be related to Hotel Dusk (though talk of Cinq's other work will be permitted as well). Advertising of other Hotel Dusk communties and sites is allowed, but it has to be directly relevent.

-All spoilers MUST be under a cut. Even when the game has been out for months and months, there may still be new members who just got it. Do not ruin the story for anyone.

-All fanfiction, and all images larger than icon size should be under a cut. Likewise, any adult content should also be under a cut.


-This community accepts all manner of fan created works. Fanart and Fanfiction should be under a cut, with a clear description of what is beneath.

-Het, yaoi, yuri, and whatever else are all accepted, but should be properly labeled. Don't click on a cut if you think the work in question will offend you.

-When labeling your work, be sure to include Title, Author/Artist, Rating, and a brief summary.


Please try to use these tags, for convenience sake:

-other [feel free to tag for characters, pairing, etc]

The Mods

Your mods are silverwind9 and croik. If you have a problem here on the comm, you can contact either of us via the emails in our profiles.


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